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    What do I need to run it. I have installed TomTom to the SD Card, which everyone said is possible. But when I press my application launcher and select the SD Card, it does not show the application installed to the card.

    TomTom gives you the option to save the application to the card, but then my Treo 600 does not "see" it.

    Is it that I need to put some launching application on my SD Card, like "zlauncher" or someting else.

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    When you switch your launcher to the SD card, you should see the appliation. You might want to make sure that the TomTom .prc file in in the path /PALM/Launcher. That is the only directory that the launcher looks in to find applications on the card.

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    you might also look at powerrun. Apps that you move from RAM onto the card remain in the on-treo launcher catagories, with an asterisk by the names to indicate ithey're on the card; you still run them from the origin on-treo launcher catagories. When you open an on-card app, it loads into treo memory and runs from there. It's pretty quick. I have about a dozen add-on apps on palm and about 30 on the card, with about 12mb free on the 600. Worth every penny. - mark
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    Can you run applications from the card with the built-in Palm launcher, or do you need another launcher program?
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    with powerrun, you can use the Regular palm launcher (which I prefer - nice and simple, no extra crap displayed, and when set to "view by list" you can get 24 items on a 600's screen). There's a 30 day trial - I used for a couple days and then just bought it for $15. Really easy to use - give it a try.

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    PowerRun is working great for me. Easy to use. I have all od my games & MobileDB on it & all of the related Icons are on my Treo Launcher.
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