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    Any way to have chatter be available via a pop-up box? Much like the way bdicty works? Have an icon on the command bar to open a chatter box that would allow you partial access to semi-functional chatter? At least being able to see info?

    I get info in emails that I need to copy into forms that are inside of other programs. But if I try to go to chatter to get the info, i lose what was in the previous program.


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    I think what you are really asking for is a multi-tasking OS... Cobalt is coming...
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    Well that would be ideal. But bdicty does a GREAT FREAKIN AWESOME job of making their application available anytime anywhere.

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    I don't know what bdicty is, actually... I guess I should get out more often. (BTW, Chatter is "available" at all times anyway - i.e. fully running in the background. I'm just not sure what kind of functionality you're talking about.)

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    the functionality I desire is this:

    I open the command bar, and hit 'c' on the keyboard, or click on the chatter icon. and a popup window opens that gives me partial access to chatter. it would take up the whole window. maybe just the bottom 60%. so I can look at an email quickly, and then go back to what I was working on w/o ever leaving my first program. download the free personal version of bdict and you will see what I am talking about.


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