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    I plan to buy unlocked GSM Treo 650 on e-bay selling my Treo 600. However, prior that I wish to confirm that will I be able to dial my Nokia 6230 OR any other BT phone I get, so that this phone (and not Treo 650) connects to GPRS-EDGE network (*99***1# for GSM or #777 for CDMA) and than I browse net or listen to straeming media on Treo 650 - which shall remain connected only to this phone over BT-DUN BUT shall not connect directly by itself. I do not want to put SIM in Treo 650 at all. Iinitially I want Treo 650 to connect to BT compatiable phone over BT and connect to net via that phone - which in turn will connect to GPRS-EDGE-GSM network. Here I save on one network. I use Treo 650 as well as Nokia BT phone. Bluetooth will solve my wiring problems. I wish to retain as well as use my phone primarily for communication needs and Treo 650 mainly for data / internet / straeming media and other PDA purposes.

    Any advice is highly appreciated and will enable me to go for Treo 650.
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    No offense but that makes no sense at all. The beauty of the Treo 650 is that it is a converged device. If you are not going to put a SIM card in it or use the cell phone radio then why not invest in a more powerful PDA like the Dell Axim x50V. It has bluetooth, wifi, big vga screen, 624 mhz processor and you can get one for less than an unlocked Treo. Prior to getting my Treo 650 I had a Nokia 6230 which I used for internet access (bt dun) on my Ipaq (it worked great).

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