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    Anyone know of a utility that makes the visor work like a Pocket PC in that it appears as a removable disk in Windows, and you can drag & drop files to/from it? Preferably, this would work with the 8MB expansion module, I suppose. Anyone hear of such a product?


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    Have you had a look at this app:


    "Latest info and more details at the Boxer(tm) Homepage
    This encapsulates files on the desktop and installs them on the Palm, and has an "Unboxer" both as program and conduit (Win, Mac in development). On the palm, the files can be beamed, unzipped, installed (prc/pdb/pqa), installed as DOC files, with more stuff planned. Also, if you have Web Clipping support (VII, OmniSky, etc.) you can use a file download feature to grab zips - samples are at the homepage."

    Maybe it does what you want.
    Bryan Nystrom
    Natara Software, Inc.
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    The software isn't working properly yet, but I'm sure I'll work it out. Thanks so much for the link!


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