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    A while back when I was excitedly installing new + dodgy software onto my 600 I picked up some 'added feature' which has since made the following changes:

    1) instead of the box flashing up saying "press enter to unlock" or whatever it said, I have a little key symbol in the bottom right corner
    2) 10s after getting msg/voicemail/email, it vibrates, makes a really irritating piping noise and the screen unlocks itself. This also happens after you've picked up the phone so the other person hears the same stuff.

    I've tried going through with the file manager to see if there's anything obviously called "irritating and pointless new features" so i can happily delete it but whoever snuck it in there is subtler than that.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone and if do I get rid of it!?
    Thanks, s
    btw am on Orange in UK and I don't think it's a SIM update cos another Orange friend doesn't have it..
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    Check any software hack programs that provide alarms.
    Before deleting any hack make sure to turn off the features. If not you may find you've deleted the program but the patch to change the alarm or other behavior remains and you will have a tough time deleteing it. Try a soft reset to see if that helps.

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