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    How the heck do you uninstall an application that you have installed to the SD expansion card. I know it's a simple answer, but I can't find it anywhere.

    When I go to my card info, it does not list that applications/information stored on the card, so that I can simply select delete from the menu.

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    Here we go. From the default launcher (assumption on my part), press the "menu" key located on the lower right corner. Then select "delete" then in the line where "Delete From" is displayed, tap the down arrow and select the "card" option and go from there. If you have a case, you should consider deleting using the 5-way navigation keys instead of the stylus.

    Another alternative is to use a file management program. There are many, both pay and free. I use FileZ. Also, if a program does not want to delete using a file management utility, make sure it is not set to automagically come on when the Treo is reset (examples - Chatter, Verichat, Causaurie, et cetera), then reset the Treo, then attempt to delete it again with Filez.

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    How did you install the app on the card? If you used a utility like PowerRun or ZLauncher, there should be a way to delete the app using that utility. I use ZLauncher, but I usually move an app back to RAM to uninstall. I use Uninstall Manager
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    I installed the TomTom software using their own installation utility and selected install application to card.

    Now, i did what you said, but it wont show any files in the card. It just shows Free Space: 661M or 975M and no files?

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