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    Is there a way to copy/paste or export an article from AvantGo? I have one I want to save for someone and I'd like to export it to another location so I can sync again.
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    We all wish there were away... Waiting for them to do an upgrade to there software to inable the copy functions.
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    currently i use PopUpNote for jotting down websites, etc. from avantgo. I usually write just enough info to get me to the story online on my desktop.

    PopUpNote allows you to bring up your memopad over the existing program (you can still see the top 3 or 4 lines of the screen from the underlying program). SO when i see a website address, i scroll so that it's at the top of the screen, then i bring up PopUpNote. It beats the old method...memorize the URL, or worse, copy it down on paper then switch to memopad and write it in my 'Websites' catagory in memopad.
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