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    I'm tired of asking every software vendor (specially smaller shareware types) if their app will run from the SD card.

    What's the general rule?

    I thought that applications that hook into the OS for clocks and alarms have to be in the RAM (applications on the card have no access to system resources unless they are running in the foreground). However, I see people running TreoAlarm on the card.

    So, what's the general rule on what can run from the card.. and what must be in RAM?

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    Your understanding is mostly right. Applications stored on the SD card for access via most of the common launcher mechanisms don't have access to system resources except for when they're running. So, while I run TreoAlarm from my SD card, it doesn't sound alarms ever, and only pulls updated whether info when I launch it and press the update button. For me, it's a small trade-off for a bit of space that I don't use more than every few days and don't need instantaneously.

    Interestingly, I found this week that leaving TreoAlarm in an <a href="">MSMount</a> SD card folder would let it fully run in the background with alarms sounding correctly! Sadly though, MSMount hangs while starting up after a reset if the SD card is in and there are runs-in-the-background applications stored there.

    I was close to ready to just live with that as a price to pay for the phenomenal available space gains until I found that it also interfered with my tab assignments in LauncherX (applications stored in the MSMount volume don't stay in the tab they were assigned).
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    I downloaded, to my PC, some free software using the Sprint $100 promo. However, when I looked at the size of some of the files 4MB+ I was afraid to load them into the phone since I only have about 9 MB free. If I loaded these programs (games, dictionary, etc.) on the card and installed ZLauncher would that be the only way to avoid the memory problem? I have not installed ZLaucher yet since some of the posts indicate that it is somewhat complicated to configure/use.
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    Apps that sync databases usually run best from RAM. Some like Documents-to-Go have a utility that will allow them to run from the SD card and still sync properly.
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    am using most of my apps off the sd card using powerrun, works great
    with a few glitch, which is usually solved when i moved the apps to internal ram
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    I have found most apps run perfectly fine from the card. Apps that have scheduled actions (i.e. mail retrievals, alarms, etc.) run fine but the scheduled action the apps does with not work. I have also noticed that if the app is running from the card the hotsync by default will not back it up or backup the database portion of the app. I have over 100 apps running on my card and only have 10 or so running on the phone.
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