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    There is apparently a problem with SoundRec 1.051 and the Treo 650. SoundRec will not write to the external card. I ahve posted to the infinityball forum and have seen similar posts at MTDN refering to the same problem. Has anyone in this forum been able to record to an external card with SoundRec and a Treo 650?
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    I downgraded to version 1.04 and it writes to the SD card.
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    I have 1.051 and it writes to the card just fine
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    I just downloaded 1.051 to my Sprint 650. I have a PQI 1 GB card that is NOT set to the lock position (i.e writable), SoundRec is set to record at 4 khz (lowest rate setting). I get: "External Card not writable" when I tried to record.

    thomasanderson, are you using a 600 and not a 650 by chance?

    Which version have people found that works recording to SD card with the 650?

    Quote Originally Posted by thomasanderson
    I have 1.051 and it writes to the card just fine
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    I found an old version 1.03 and it records to the SD card on my 650 without problems.
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    SoundRec 1.04 can run perfectly on treo650, but the latest 1.051 version has a problem to recording wav file to SD card
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