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    So after looking around and trying things, my observations are:

    AOLIM 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 - these crash the Treo 600 in a way requiring
    a full system reset and reload. Not pretty

    Verichat / Causerie - these require a hefty upfront fee and then
    also a yearly fee. Very expensive. Gouging the market for anything
    they can get. Not recommended

    Chatopus - weird, obscure, baroque. Although one-time-only fee,
    implements a bizarre scheme.

    All of the above should be direct connects from the Treo, an Internet
    device, to the appropriate IM servers. But I don't see that.

    So my question is, where is the *decent*, one-price-only, non-recurring,
    Instant Messenger for (at least) AOL IM and other services? I do not
    know if the AOL software, which includes an AOLIM component, is
    also a "crasher" like the standalone version is, and would be very
    hesitant to shell out more money for it given its sister's history.

    It looks to me like there is simply no Instant Messenger yet that
    is a one-fee-only, doesn't crash the Treo, and is reasonably clear
    (directly connects to one or more IM servers directly at those vendors,
    not including any inbetween server bandaid-hack.)

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    I'm using the UK version of AOL IM and it has not caused my Treo 600 (VZW) to crash yet.
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    Very well summarized!
    My IM's are typically for personal communications.
    If IMs were important to my business activities I would have spent more time on this subject.
    PocketPC's come loaded with MSN Messenger. Where is the simple PalmOS solution?
    I support your efforts.

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    Where did you find the Uk version of AOL IM?
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    You can get it for free at
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    Chatopus is based on an open standard for IM , called XMPP/Jabber. The XMPP protocol is endorsed by the IETF.
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    By the way, I recommend that someone write such a standalone AOL IM with direct connect from Treo to AOL that doesn't crash the Treo and sell it for a one-time-only
    fee. Upgrades could be factored in somehow, at less than a yearly cost.

    Whoever does this is going to make some $ because Verichat and Causerie
    are so dominant and AOLIM crashes on the Treo. Sure, it wouldn't connect
    to all the other IM's but just hit the top one or two and sell for a one-time fee.

    Sure wish I knew how to program for the Treo!

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    In fairness, I don't think Stuart's criticism of Verichat and Causerie is fair. They require servers at their end, so there are continuing costs; why shouldn't they charge an annual fee for that?

    I agree that a direct Treo -> IM service solution would be best; something like Trillian for the Treo.

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    Marc-why did you end IM support for Chatter? Is it because of the server costs that you just mentioned? I can't imagine ANY program that can stand next to chatter when you use Imap, have IM with all 4 IM's and if you add POP support. My .02
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    I don't agree with Stuart because you cannot compromise on money if you need quality. Even the companies are following the same,they are spending on quality and so is the price of their products.
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    Hi! I've paid for and am using Mundu Interoperable Messenger, downloaded from I believe it costs me $14.95. I paid for it after running it after 2 hours. I like it, since it doesn't have those extra bells and whistles that more expensive software has.
    Seeing how expensive the software is, nowadays, is convincing me to become a developer, again.
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    expensive? palm software? yeeaks! I think very few people are becoming rich writing palm apps.

    P.S. Your website isn't coming up yet ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    something like Trillian for the Treo.

    Treo-llian. That would be outstanding!
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    AOL has an Open TOC protocol that unlike OSCAR, it doesn't get shut off when AOL gets a hair up their **** and changes something to break third party clients.

    The biggest difference is, TOC is very stripped down and offers basic IM features. No Sound, Video, File transfers etc. I'd think a TOC client for a PDA would be ideal.

    Unfortuneately I don't know C (or have the tools) or I'd try to do one myself.

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