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    This happens every couple of weeks since I've set up my gmail to snapper mail pop. What happens is that old messages, some as old as 2/3 weeks, would come through snapper mail as new messages. Deleting the messages seems not to affect this strange behavior. The same message is again downloaded from snapper the next time it auto fetches.

    New messages come through no problem but I cant figure the old messages out? Any ideas? Is anyone experiencing the same?

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    Is it from a specific e-mail address? I don't think G-Mail offers this, but some e-mail clients can have verifications of reciept of messages, and that might be causing the "bounce back" effect. But if the e-addresses seem random, then this wouldn't be it. Just a thought.
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    I have not thought of that. It does seem random, however. Also, this only happens once every couple of weeks. And the messages vary, some incoming and some outgoing.
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    any solution found for this yet? it happened again today for me also and it is not from any specific email. the messages are completely random.
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    I've experienced the same with my T600 (Sprint).
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    I believe I'm having the same problem with my 650 & snapper/gmail. Snapper is set to get the 20 latest messages, but it instead fetches ones from several weeks ago.
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    I'm having the same problem using gmail with versamail. I'm wondering if it has something to do with the fact that gmail "archives" messages instead of deleting them??
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    I have another strange problem with Snapper/Gmail, Snapper it won't download messages newer than 2 weeks old. It connects gets updates but won't download the new mail, anyone have any ideas?

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