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    So I've done a search, and can't seem to get a consensus on the best freeware/shareware site..

    It is Their selection seems limited.

    palmgear I guess.

    what about version tracker?

    Or is there a more elegant one that I'm missing??

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    I tried that, but not very elegant, and it doesn't seem like there's great stuff on there. On the palm gear site, all the essentials and gear choice are all >$15. That's a lot to me!

    Someone once said there was a cool newsgroup instead...?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigsmoke
    not very elegant, and it doesn't seem like there's great stuff on there.
    You get what you pay for...
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    Usually I will read about a program here and then search for it on

    MTDN is limited but has pretty good programs.
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    And for those that ain't clairvoyant, MTDN downloads are located here:

    Try Opera for free and vote to get Opera on your Treo
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    This might help

    to search
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