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    So i've been using the 650 now for two weeks and notice that anytime my treo is within 3 feet of my imac, i hear buzzing from the imac speakers, esp. using chatter everytime it pings for new email.

    What's worse is that you hear the small buzzing of interference when I'm on my office phone as well.

    i keep my treo charging on my desk (because if not, i run out of batt right away), but I just realized that it was producing the extremely annoying buzzing sound in my ear when I'm on the land line phone.

    what to do???

    And is this normal??
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    I'm sure there can some interference going on. How much I can't say. However, I'm more concerned with:
    i keep my treo charging on my desk (because if not, i run out of batt right away)
    That should not be normal. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    that's typical on non-shielded speaker

    its normal
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    The speaker buzzing is absolutely normal. you should notice it with most GSM phones. You'll notice it whenever data is being transmitted/received or immediately before receiving a phone call.
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    They are supposed to be shielded computer speakers.

    Also, through the phone? Is this only with gsm phones? It didn't happen with my blackberry?

    Can become very annoying...

    As for the charge, I'm exaggerating slightly, but cingular gave me a new battery yesterday and I have installed led off, and other batt saving programs, but chatter as much as I love it, I think is doing me in.

    Although, I get about 50 emails an hour (don't ask...!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigsmoke
    And is this normal??
    I could be wrong, but I don't ever remember it happening with the 270, so I can't say I agree that it is true of all GSM phones. The interference did happen with the 600, however, and the 650 of course. It can be quite embarrassing at times: someone was giving a presentation to a bunch of people and my Treo was causing buzzing sounds through the speakers during their talk. Oops.
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    It's all GSM phones. CDMA phones do it too, but to a MUCH lesser extent.

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    My 650 does it too and it is the only thing I do not like about the unit. Outside of that, I love it. I was hoping to go to radio shack and find some sort of line conditioner for my office phone. That is whats driving me nuts... I get an email or a alert and my office phone goes NUTS!
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    I know there are other threads here related to this problem. I am in my office and the 650 sits on my desk. If I am on my phone, I get a terrible buzz if I get email, IM, vmail, etc...If the 650 does anything, I get a slight to harsh buzz. Can somebody recommend a line conditioner or some extra thick shielded phone cord to solve this problem! It is the only thing I hate about my new 650.
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    There is nothing that you can do about it. Not that I'm aware of anyways!
    And just out of curiosity why start another thread on the same subject that you were just commenting on in one that already exists??
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    I have two monitors here at work, a ViewSonic 15GA and a ViewSonic 17GA. Only difference is basically one is 15" and one is 17".

    The 15" just distorts a bit when the phone is *right under* it and it's doing some sort of data and the speakers buzz a little. The 17GA you can hear from 20 feet away when the phone is anywhere on the desk.

    I plugged an old set of headphones into the 17GA which shut it up. I suspect the GSM signal is getting injected into a preamp or such. So you might try something along those lines, assuming you're not listening to your speakers I guess.

    As for the battery life, something is wrong I'd think, although I don't get anywhere near that much data on mine, by the end of the day I'm at maybe 90% (etext reading, appointment stuff, avantgo reading, and a few short calls typically).
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    Try moving your Treo around. Mine sits on my desk right next to my Thinkpad, and if I turn it one particular direction, the interference is quite noticeable through my speakers, but if I simply turn it 90 degrees, the noise goes away completely. Likewise, other places on my desk produce varying amounts of interference, and clipping it to my belt reduces it to zero.

    So experiment with placement and orientation of your Treo, and you'll probably find a location that works for you too.
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    < merged >

    I believe that this also happens to T600 and T270 users, hearing the buzz on the nearby speakers or radio.
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    This happened with my treo 180 and the 650. I actually used to use it as a "feature" at work as I would leave my treo on my desk next to the computer and quickly snatch the phone and answer when I heard the buzz/pulse signal come out my speakers as it always preceeded the ringer by a few seconds.
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    This happened to me on my Treo 600 and is happening on the new Treo 650. My wife has Cingular/Nokia phone and it does not seem to cause this at all (but then it has no data capability). Some radios get interference even when Treo is not transmitting - just sitting there - extremely annoying to say the least. Isn't FCC or some such authority supposed to regulate this find of interference?
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    I'm a pilot-- among other things. I have to say, that the GSM Treo 650 is the very first cellular telephone that I have noticed interfering with radio communications. I can hear the darn thing in my headset. I have to turn the phone part off during flights.

    I am sure that other GSM phones do the same thing, so this is not a criticism of the Treo. But it is interesting that CDMA and TDMA phones do not seem to interfere at all. And the buzzing phenomenon in the headset is identical to the buzzing phenomenon that I hear on my car speakers and my computer speakers.

    All that said, the FAA ban on cell phones in airplanes is pretty much nonsense. Other than the buzzing in the headset, cell phones do not interfere with avionics at all. Instead, the FAA ban on cell phones in the airplane (on commercial flights) is related to an attempt to preserve the monopoly of airborne cellular carriers and the outrageous prices they charge per minute. I suspect that soon we will see more competition and the opening up of cell phone use on aircraft, both private and commercial.
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    My T600 caused interference and my T650 does as well. I suspect that in some instances where certain devices seem to be more sensitive to the interference, it is because they have a distinct lack of shielding.

    I believe the difference in frequncies between CDMA and GSM that causes one to interfere and the other to not interfere. Don't quote me on this, it is just a guess.
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    This thread really cleared things up for me...

    I just converted from Verizon (cdma) to Cingular (GSM) just so I could get the 650. I have been telling folks at work that something is wrong with my office phone. I've been getting intermittent buzzing during landline calls that's been driving me nuts.

    Well, it WAS the 650 all along. I just moved it a couple feet away... and problem fixed!

    And now I hear Verizon may actually be planning to carry the 650 soon... darn...
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    Hell, my $20 Nokia phone does it. I know a call's coming in before the phone rings due to this phenomenon.
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    My Sprint Treo650 does not seem to have this issue, but my wife noticed her Blackberry (GSM, nicknamed blueberry?) seems to cause interference with speakers. Our clock radios at home always "tick" when it is near, and at a birthday party, the boombox went wild.

    So, all you physics majors/EE's out there - is there any way this interference can be used to jam the blackberries? What exactly is causing the interference? The radio waves from the GSM phone and the speaker wires/circuitry acting as antennae? I was debating opening up a small business, selling blackberry-jamming devices to all the frustrated wifes, spouses out there (probably just a clock-radio in a shoebox, if the interference works both ways ;-> ).

    I will let others use this idea/open this business, provided they sell me one of the anti-blackberry devices ;->
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