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    So as a new treo owner, I'm confused about the best way to install and run programs from my sd card using missing sync.

    i have a 1 gb card and am aware of how careful i need to be with memory, so I've been using powerrun to dump stuff to the sd card quite successfully.

    But then I noticed that missing sync allows you to directly install programs to the card. Is that the same thing? Can i just dump the programs i want to the card from missing sync install and not worry about using power run??

    And if i do dump things straight to the card, would I still need to use powerrun for some reason?

    The second question is about the backup function of missing sync the same or as good as buddypro?

    thanks for the help...
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    PowerRun allows you to see all the programs, including those on the card.

    You can use Missing Sync to place programs on the card (of course you could also do that with HotSync by selecting it in the installer and setting it to go to the card).
    This is the same as using a card reader.

    The downside is the Palm os. You don't see these programs when you list all programs on your palm. You will only see them when you select category and select the card so it ends up being a multi-step process to launch an app on the card. You also can't categorize any apps on the card so you can't say view just games on the card.
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    Okay. So the best way is to load everything into ram, and then use powerrun to push it over? No need to worry about the sd install functionality of missing sync...

    And anyone know about the backup functionality of missing sync? Do I need backupbuddy if I use this

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