As a new T650 owner, of course I share the irritation of having less space than I had on my T600. Of course the free SD card helps. But I've also noted that there are a few large files that automatically transfer over from my T600 that (holding my breath) I deleted or moved. I know that others on the board have been wondering about this, so let me propose a new sticky that discusses files that can be deleted or at least moved to the SD card. (I looked for another post on this...can't find one, but if this already exists apologies.)

Okay, to get the ball rolling: if you use FileZ, you'll notice a possibly large file called ImageLib_image.prc. Mine took up nearly 9 mb. It appears to be the backup file for all the photos taken on the T600. Now, of course, you'll want to back those up on your PC, but what I did was simply delete that file on my T650 -- and I went from having 3 mb free to having about 12 mb free. It was worth it for me.

And, of course, I just started transferring programs to the SD card where I could. Speed seems to be the same.