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    I'm going on four days since I did a hard reset and reinstalled all my apps. That plus disabling the SMS notification in VeriChat (I'm using the other option) and using SnapperMail (I never enabled Versamail after my hard reset).
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    Last reset according to ##377#

    1/11/05 at 6:00 pm while running "security"
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    I don't own a Treo 650 yet, but I'd be curious to know which Treo 650 platform (CDMA or GSM) users who respond to this thread are on. Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by beelzebueb
    mine starts every morning with a freeze - the first operation after being woken up has to be a freeze. so grumpy you win already over me.
    Hi Beelzebueb!

    I actually had the same problem with you at the start, but I read some of the other posts and disabled the "Enable Local Time" and that stopped the daily morning freeze. Hope this helps!!

    As to everyone else, I am a bit disappointed that we are all facing the same problem with reset/freeze. But once you get past these "little" annoyances, the Treo 650 is still a great device!!
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