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    Have and my Treo I bought in Hong Kong for 4 days now. Just added another software program world mate and when I clicked on one of the icons the Treo has been booting none stop. I need to take the battery out to stop it from re booting - it goes through the Palmone Screen with the loading bar on the botton then to the Palm Powered Screen, then it starts all over again in an infinate loop. I have hit the reset serveral times but it makes no difference.

    I just got the conversion from my Clie finished and I am leaving for the UK in two days to meetings so I really wanted to take my new toy with me. Anyone with any ideas out there? Thank you in advance.
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    sure.....HARD RESET
    and make sure install your apps one BY one
    backup everytime you install an apps, just to make sure it works fine before installing another

    and before asking how to do a hard reset, rtfm
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    I have been looking in this poor excuss of a manual how to do a hard reset, and it only covers what you should be learning on your Treo in the first two weeks! Hard reset is not something Palmone thinks is important to learn it seems.
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    Here's everything you ever wanted to know about resets.
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    Another thing to consider, is that some apps upon installation have "default" settings that may interfere with what we consider to be "normal" operation. I had a problem with an app I use all the time (TakePhone) that was caused by a default setting of another app (PAR Pro). I made the change in PAR Pro (upon another user's suggestion) and gosh, no more prolem with TakePhone.

    In addition to doing a hard reset, which ain't a really bad idea, look at warm resets and your various apps.


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