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    I have managed to configure reverse DUN for my unlocked 650 using Belkin F8T001. I can sync fine, but browsing via Blazer is really slow. I noticed that
    if I go to :
    My Bluetooth Places->My Device->My Network Access
    right click and check status, while browsing it appears like the network connection is being dropped and reconnected every other second. This is very likely the reason for the slow browsing experience.
    Any one seen this? Could not find any thread about this.

    Sid Vajirkar
    Unlocked 650
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    I encountered some a lot of dropping with my Iogear BT USB adapter (10m/30ft range.) I went to CompUSA and got a "150m/700ft" range adapter ($30) and it works much better. I assume in my office envoronment the weaker one was getting drowned out by radio noise (other BT/wifi, we got lots of that in nearby labs.)

    At home I use a Belkin Bluetooth Network access point. I was also getting BT dropping every couple of min, so the net connection would lock up every time.

    I went to the connection profile, hit details, and turned on 'flow control'
    Would you believe it not only IMPROVED performance with the access point, but eliminated the drop outs?

    I don't know if this will fix your particular problem, but I highly advise anyone using Bluetooth reverse DUN (and/or an access point) to turn on flow control. I also set my kbps to 115,00 but I have no idea if that makes any difference on bluetooth or if that's just for serial, or just backward compatibility.
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    Update to my last post. The problem was that I had a bad Belkin bluetooth Access Point. I got another one and it works great, it never drops like the defective (returned it) one did.

    So I have no idea if flow control helps as I mentioned as I now have it set to "automatic" on all BT connections and never have an issue.

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