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    I just got my Treo 650 (after obsessing about it ever since the first leaked pictures last July). I absolutely love it, but miss one item from my old flip phone - a physical mute button. I'm on conference calls and other longish calls frequently, and being able to just reach down and tap the mute button is crucial. It's also very awkward when holding the phone to your head to have to take it away, pull out the stylus and tap a button on-screen.

    Is there any way to make the side button act as a mute button during phone calls? I haven't seen anything yet.
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    I am experimenting with TreoGuard ( which lets you assign mute to the other primary buttons but not currently the side button (I am using the Messaging/Email/SMS button on the right). There are some other threads here in the treo Utilities forum on TreoGuard.

    You should also find that the on-screen mute button is big enough to hit accurately with your finger/thumb so you don't need to pull out the stylus.
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