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    Hi guys.

    Tried searching the forums regarding the following items but I can't seem to get a solid answer, so here goes...

    I've been using a Sony Ericsson T300 and a Palm m130 for quite some time now. It's been a pain bringing with me two separate devices so I'm thinking of getting a Treo 600. It costs nearly half the Treo 650's price and since I can't afford one, I'm settling with the T600.

    Here are my concerns:

    1. SMS

    While I do agree that for heavy messaging, the built-in QWERTY keyboard is essential. However, I'm used to using my phone texting one-handedly and I'm afraid that I can't do the same on the Treo.

    I've read in some threads that the 5-way pad does a great job of looking for contacts without even using the stylus.

    Question is... Does the built-in SMS program allow one to type in SMS using the traditional multi-tap approach? If not, is there an add-on app that allows that?

    2. Headphone Adapter

    I've also read that the Treo's stereo jack is sized smaller than regular stereo jacks so one needs to separately buy PalmOne's headphone adapter (

    Could I use a regular adapter the ones available in most electronics shops?

    Thanks in advance, guys.
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    Not sure on #1...

    On #2, in general the regular adapters should work fine. However, sometimes they have a little extra piece of plastic around the jack that goes into the T600, and it prevents a perfect connection. Some folks have fixed it by shaving a little of this plastic off; I'd recommend getting PalmOne's adapter as long as you have something else to buy, so you don't pay $4 shipping on a $6 item.
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    Not sure what you mean by multi-tap. There are add ons such as Text Plus that do autocompletion for words and phrases so you don't need to type the entire word(s)

    You can get adapters from radioshack but since you only need one or two you might as well get the real one from Palm. Don't forget Seidio makes headphones with the adapter.
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    #1 - I use keycaps600 which does allow you to type one handed with the built in keyboard. In the sms app, I don't think you can use a virtual keyboard (its so much faster using the qwerty keyboard).

    #2 - Another option with the headphones adapter is to buy a program called freedom. It will 'push' the sound through the audiojack and then you can use any headset (including the OEM one) to listen to music (or talk on the phone). I bought a radioshack adapter for $3 and that works fine too.
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    Having only one device is the best aspect of the Treo. I used a Motorola T720 that I could sync with my computer, with a Palm Tungsten T, but I never had my palm when I needed it. I've had my treo for three months now and I absolutely love it. In response to your questions:

    1. I don't know about a 3rd party app, but no matter how fast you are with multi-tap, the qwerty is MUCH faster. And yes, you can do it with one hand, I do all the time.

    2. The headphone jack IS smaller. My tungsten headphones didn't fit into it (but I got them for free on the train in Spain, hurt my ears after a while). I guess from the other posts an adapter will work. I use a Skull Candy headphone/microphone set that works great (Bought at an airport store that happened to have one and was willing to open the packaging to let me try it before I bought it). Lets me talk on the phone without changing headsets. It was $49CAN, though. If you have headphones that work that you like, an adapter is probably the cheapest way to go.
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    Well, I too feel your pain! I was worried when I first made the jump.

    For question #1: I think you are talking about predictive text. This because a non issue since the qwerty keyboard lets you type all the letters you want. Without having to cycle through. I have found I can text much fast than I could on a regular cell phone. I think after about 2 days using it and figuring out the shift key you will be fine.

    There is a great program called KeyCaps600 that will allow you to do some of the things Predictive Text did, but I have found it to actually slow me down when typing fast.

    As for Question #2 Go to they have a fantastic 2-in-1 Headphone set. It doubles as a dual stereo jack and a handsfree headset. If you want to hook it up to speakers You will need to get an adapter. I love my headset, it will automatically switch from music mode to phone mode while you are on the phone.

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    Wow! Thanks for all your replies guys! Esp. Mr. BenJoeM. I noticed you've just recently signed up probably just to answer my question. Thanks, I appreciate it.

    I guess it's the function of the KeyCaps600 that I'm looking for. While I can't tell right now that I'd be able to one-handedly type without using multi-tap, I'll take your guys' word for it and try it first without downloading KeyCaps600.

    As for the 2-in-1 headset/earphone set... Cool! Makes me want to have one as well. Hows the bass response of the earphones?

    I guess it's final now. I might get my unit tomorrow. Like it or not, you guys are going to see me a lot in the forums!

    Thanks again!
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    I have been watching the forum for sometime just gathering info, but never had the time to really post a reply, so when I saw your question I knew I had to jump in!

    The Bass isn't fantastic on the headset but I will tell I love it! I use it everday, when I read, study, even at work when I am focused on a project and then BANG somone calls and it just beeps and clicks over to phone mode. They have some newer models that also have a retractable cord so you can have it as long or short as you want. Plus you can hang up the phone from the volume piece. Good Luck and enjoy the phone!


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