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    Want to restore it to blank, like-new condition.

    I hope I can find all the software disks... is everything downloadable from the Palm site, or not? I think I have them, just not 100 percent sure.
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    Do a hard reset (on mine it's press the wireless mode button and the reset button in the back at the same time, when it asks you if you want to erase all data, press whatever the "yes" is). You need the software disks to install the Palm Desktop and hotsync conduits for a new user. I'm not sure if they are downloadable from the Palm website. I doubt it.
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    The original CD from sprint has some freebies on it (splashmoney, splashshopper, splashID, a couple of games) at least the CD sprint sold me did (got a refurb w/o a CD). The palm desktop is downloadable. Probably worth digging around for the CD.
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    As the others have mentioned, the hard reset is the basic answer. The installation CD has a few things that might be of interest, though I never installed any of them. The Palm desktop is downloadable from the PalmOne website, which is exactly what I have done for the computers on the home network. I have only used the installation CD once and that was with the first Treo (a 300 a couple of years ago). With all the changes made and bugs and all that other stuff, I feel more comfortable downloading the latest great bugs from the PalmOne site.

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    A hard reset will clear all your data.

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