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    Title says it all, right?

    I have SplashID and use it a fair amount to store some passwords and other realtively sensative information. However, I feel a bit uneasy about putting bank account, credit card and other "highly" sensitive, criminal activity provoking info.

    Do any of you feel the same way? What do you folks put on the eWallets and SplashIDs out there?

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    I did at one time; however, since I also use HanDBase and it supports encryption, I got rid of the others and use HanDBase for bunches of information storage. Ben
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    All kinds of sensitive info: credit card #s, checking/savings acct#s, SSN#s, etc. I have selected a long password with both letters and numbers. I expect it will foil any casual person who tries to get into the application. Highly skilled hackers are difficult to guard against, however, and I have to ask myself how likely it is that my Treo will fall into the hands of a highly skilled hacker. I don't worry very much about it.
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    I thought SplashID encrypts its data?
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    Quote Originally Posted by koolio
    I thought SplashID encrypts its data?
    It does:

    How secure is my data in SplashID?
    Once you set a password in SplashID, the data is encrypted using 256-bit blowfish encryption on both the handheld and the desktop. The password is also encrypted within the data file. And the data is synchronized between the desktop and handheld in an encrypted state. If someone were to get a hold of your data file, they would be unable to decrypt it without knowing the password.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe
    It does:
    Ah, very cool. Thanks.
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    I use SplashID and Ultrasoft Money quite a bit and are very happy with them.These apps use encryption and I feel comfortable with how secure they are away from prying eyes.

    As always, to provide some convenience, security has to suffer.
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