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    For anybody that uses the Krussel case - I like to keep my phone in my front pants pocket (insert RF joke), personally I don't like to be a "hipper". Is the case thick with that plastic thing on the back? Not the with clip, just the bare case with the plastic that is sewn on the case itself. I want a little protection for my phone, but don't want to always have to wear it on my belt.

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    I modified my Krussell and removed the small leather piece which holds the clip by cutting the stitching .The case has no bulk and probably the slimmest case for 650. I keep my phone in my pocket without a problem. The clip attachments add extra bulk.

    Hope that is helpful....

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    I think the Krussell is the lowest profile case next to skin but offers more protection. I think just removing the plastic "knob" from the back should make it slim enough to fit in your pocket. Mine fits in my jacket inside pocket just fine even with the knob. Then I attatch it to the clip once in a while if I need it while not wearing the jacket.
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    They do make a Krusell case that does not have the knob. I to keep my phone in my front pocket and the belt clip knob was very annoying. I got mine from ebay, but here is a link of the case.
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