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    I'm using LauncherX (yes - the best launcher there is ) and I got the following folders set up:

    - Main,
    My 'home page' - these are my most frequently used programs (see attached screen shot),

    - Apps,
    Applications that I don't use as frequent but still want to keep around.

    - Sys,
    These are programs that I call 'system applications' and different from application that performs functions outside of managing my Treo. Examples of applications in this folder is Filez, BackupBuddy and KBLights.

    - Relax,
    My fun/game folder

    - Palm,
    This is my folder to put the things that Palm delivered/ROM programs that I simply don't use and don't want to clutter my other folders with. May simply hide this folder actually.

    - Trial
    Applications that I am still 'trying out' to see if I want to give them a permanent home on my Treo

    Would be interested in learning about how others set up their folders
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    main- top 5 apps verichat, ptunes, sms, xinno

    games- a few games puzzle bubble is a great game.

    sd- stuff on sd

    apps- less used apps

    also with z launcher i have 2 other folders that i hide.

    all - all the apps

    unsorted - unsorted apps.

    Z launcher rules!!!!!
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    • Apps - standard apps, also serves as 'Unfiled' (evaluating/not yet categorized)
    • File/DB - File-related programs ((stock) Card Info, Filez, PowerRun, FileMan, Uninstall Manager) and Backup programs
    • Media - Mp3-players, (stock) Camera app, eReader, Photo viewers, (stock) Media app, (stock) Sounds app
    • Net - (stock) Bluetooth, Chatter, Snappermail, (stock) Messaging, netClock, Quick News, SplashBlog, TrafficStat, VeriChat, VSFTP, Blazer (Web)
    • Office - Docs To Go & Dataviz Tech Tool
    • Travel - local Dutch restaurant guide, TomTom for PalmOS 2004 (Dutch), Public transport info, Small Talk, (stock) World Clock
    • Treo - Butler, CradleCare, Keycaps 650 (can be hidden), (stock) Phone, (stock) SIM Book, (stock) SIM Srvcs, TreoGuard
    • Utils - ConvertIT (conversion), Palm Bench (benchmark), PalmTech (overview earlier Palm models), ScreenShot5, SoftReset, STOIC (Stay On In Cradle), SysInfo, User Name
    • Games - Bejeweled, FitalyLetris, Warfare, WhoWon (made for our user group by a fellow Dutchman)
    • NL - all Dutch PalmOS programs
    • Fun - funny applications, like MatchWho, Himando, PalmaSutra, etc.
    • Hidden - everything I don't need to see

    Skin used: Velo's AluBreeze, best skinmaker for LX!

    Good thread!
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