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    Few days ago I 'broke down' and decided to abandon VersaMail and get another emailing program.

    Well..VersaMail's cache files got corrupted again and even though the fix is pretty easy it's just such a pain to go through.

    So..I went hunting amongst the 'big ones' out there and finally decided that SnapperMail would fit me better (I downloaded user trial versions of them all).

    What made me chose SnapperMail?
    * Supports POP AND IMAP
    Huge for me - I can't stomach a workaround like having to go through something like a fastmail account just to get my POP accounts.

    * Ability to move emails and attachment to a card
    Love this.

    * IMAP Ghost messages
    Ok, sounds corny but this is GREAT and actually saved my **** this weekend

    I have it setup to fetch emails every 30 mins between 8am and 11pm ever day of the week. Works great!

    So, instead of all these posts complaining about Treo and applications - here's one about a very happy owner of both Treo - and SnapperMail
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    Congrats, Tiffany. But instead of checking for e-mail every 30 mins, use the Treohelper pull method to "push" your mail to your Treo. Saves battery life galore.

    Check this thread for more info.

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