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    Anyone out there using Quickoffice and Chatter? I'm using Quickoffice instead of Documents to Go. The reason is that Quickoffice supports native file formats so I don't have to import things through a Docs to Go conduit. If I put a file on an SD card, my Treo can read it using Quickoffice. Unfortunately, whenever I try to open email attachments from Chatter, I get a soft reset. This was never a problem when I used Docs to Go. Anyone have in feedback on this?
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    Not an answer to your question, but Docs2Go that came with my 650 supports native file formats. (Ver. 7.003). And I can copy native Excel and Word files directly to my card--not via the conduit--and open them without a problem. You might want to consider upgrading to this version if it's not too costly.

    [edit: Oh, yeah, I use Chatter, too. Best there is for the Treo.]

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