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    This is a duplicate request to a post I just made in the Mac section, but I'm hoping for some advice: I've been searching the forums for other illustrators who might use drawing programs for the Treo for on-site sketching. Although I've looked at some vector applications, I would prefer a bitmap program, such as Photoshop, that would allow me to work back into images and transfer to a Mac desktop for refinement. Is there such an animal?
    I've been using FirePad to display my very detailed medical drawings to potential clients; it's absolutely amazing. I would be grateful to know if there is something around that approaches that kind of visual clarity on the 650's screen.
    Thanks, in advance, for any advice you might have to give![FONT=Tahoma]
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    You might want to check PalmGear ( for some options. There seem to be plenty of them in the the Software->Multimedia/Graphics section.

    I haven't tried any of these recently, but in the past I have, and personally I found the input resolution of the Palm touchscreen to be pretty limiting. Even for "information-quality" sketches.
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    Great point. I wasn't thinking about the problem of the low resolution of the screen for direct input, but if one can't enlarge the drawing area for more detailed input, I guess it would be pretty poor. I will keep that in mind when looking. Thanks.
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    MoePaint is probably one of the best for the 600. Not sure if it can support 650.
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    I've tested and used MobiPaint. It works well and can use .jpg format. Still can't replace paper and pencil though.
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    MoePaint does work on my 650.
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    Can anyone provide a link to a current version of MoePaint? I downloaded one from a page in Japanese, but I am unclear what version it is. Thanks.
    I also downloaded a trial version of Handpainter, which is like an abreviated Photoshop, the line quality is fine and it has a way to wash the lines with a watercolor brush to make them less "binary", but the limitation still seems to be the relative insensitivity of the touch screen.
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    My MoePaint is 1.1 beta 9.
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    But where did you find it, please??
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    Sorry I never noted the site I got it from.
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    Here is link that you might find more information. Hope this helps.
    Good luck and let me know how it goes. I would like to use it too.
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