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    I've been searching the forums for other illustrators who might use drawing programs for the Treo for on-site sketching. Although I've looked at some vector applications, I would prefer a bitmap program, such as Photoshop, that would allow me to work back into images and transfer to a Mac desktop for refinement. Is there such an animal?
    I've been using FirePad to display my very detailed medical drawings to potential clients; it's absolutely amazing. I would be grateful to know if there is something around that approaches that kind of visual clarity on the 650's screen.
    Thanks, in advance, for any advice you might have to give!
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    I just posted that MobiSystems Paint works well in the other thread. Handango has it.
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    Thanks so much. I will be sure to take a look at it.
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    The included Media application lets you draw on a picture... so I took a pic with the camera, and drew white all over it until it was completely white and saved it as a new image. Now, I select that white image, and choose Draw on Picture and I have a plain White Canvas to start! All built in!
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    IMO one of the best paint apps for palm os is moepaint period:

    Direct download link here:
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    I understand that Moepaint is up to 1.9. Do you know where the updates can be found?
    (And Jaydisc, you are very clever, indeed!)

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