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    Just something I found that I figured I would share:
    Expert: Gaps still pain Bluetooth security

    VANCOUVER, British Columbia--The latest specification of Bluetooth, a popular short-range wireless technology, has left serious security issues unfixed, according to a wireless researcher.
    Once the information is collected, an eavesdropper could listen to cell phone calls, grab personal information as it is synchronized with a computer or counterfeit signals from one device to the other.
    Fortunately, to launch an attack using the flaw exposed Wednesday is not simple and can be expensive. @Stake found that an attacker has to be able to eavesdrop on the initial negotiation between two Bluetooth devices, called "bonding." The would-be eavesdropper has to collect some key data during that process to have enough information to crack secret PIN codes, according to Whitehouse.
    The length of time it takes to crack the code depends on the number of digits a person uses in his or her code. A 6-digit PIN can be broken in just more than 10 seconds, while a 16-digit PIN would take more than a million days to crack, he said.
    Well, where there is one security flaw, more are sure to follow!
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    someone is more likely to take your wallet, briefcase or purse, or break into your house, than try to Bluejack your phone.

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