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    What cases do you guys use?

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    PalmOne fit case. Ugly, but keeps it good as new. It's hard to use the stylus with this case though.
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    Pouch case all the way ! You can buy it direct from :
    Or, the same seller says the same exact case on ebay for half the price. I bought 2 from the seller off ebay. Look on a previous post the review I did on this case.
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    eGrips and a screen protector
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    Still using the same old Piel Frama flip case I originally got for my T600. Works just fine with my T650.

    Best case I've ever owned for a Treo.
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    Innopocket modified so it look like this.
    this is the best terrorist proof case and is more ugly than PalmOne form fit case.
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    Nutshell with belt loop option and e-grips on sides and top only
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    I am using a lambskin leather pouch case that clips horizontally on the belt that Cingular sells for the Motorola Razr. I bought it at my local Cingular store. The phone fits in it very snugly and the belt clip is very tight. The leather is soft and high quality. I really love it. I couldnt find a picture of it or would have posted it here.
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    Vaja i-Volution T65
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe
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    ^well i use my pocket as well...buuuuuuuttttt i have change and other possibly sharp things in my pocket that may scratch the my name is Kris...the K stands for Klutz
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    Quote Originally Posted by reguy
    Here's the Brookstone case I mentioned above. Combination of the flap and clip make it too bulky to carry in a pocket, IMO, but it is a great case for the money if you want to put it on your hip. It's not made specific for the Treo AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $but$ $it$ $fits$ $like$ $a$ $glove$. $Sides$ $are$ $an$ $elastic$ $fabric$. $Leather$ $is$ $of$ $nice$ $quality$. $The$ $leather$-$wrapped$ $metal$ $clip$ $is$ $strong$ $and$ $has$ $never$ $even$ $hinted$ $at$ $slipping$ $off$. $$12$.$50$ $at$ $Brookstone$ $in$ $Houston$ $Intercontinental$ $Airport$.
    For pics, see post #6 in this thread:
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    ^ I used to have the Brookstone case for my T300, but it did not seem to hold the T650 "snug"... But it does do the trick .
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    Pocket - but looking for a nice pouch with a swivel clip.
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    Krussel Horizontec. Love the idea of being able to use belt loops or a belt clip. I will probably put a skin case on also just to add some grip to the phone.

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    Do you have the screen facing out on your Krussel Case. I just got one but do not like have my screen facing outward.
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    I use the Nutshell leather pouch case and I am very happy with it. The ultra-low profile clip design makes it extremely thin, so that I can just slip the case into a pocket when I want to. Also, the quality of worksmanship for the case is top notch.
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