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    Quote Originally Posted by zorro869
    Those of you who wear it on their hip: How can you? My personal tastes dictate that wearing a techno-gizmo on your belt is an absolute no-no. In the pager days, I wore it inside my pocket. I would laugh at people with "garage door openers" on their hip. To those that do- how do you justify it to your inner fashion sense, or do you just not care?... I'm serious, I would love to do it- but can't.
    I do it, and I don't care. If you're cool, smart and absolutely self-confident, you wouldn't care either. It's better to have it on your hip than miss important calls. Of course, I don't do it when I'm wearing a dress that doesn't have a belt. I leave it in my purse.
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    For those with the eGrips who also have a pouch style case like the Bellagio Vertical Pouch Case - is there an issue pulling the Treo in and out of the pouch case?

    I am concerned about the following warning about eGrips:

    egrips are made of an extremely aggressive material that grips to almost anything. To ensure that egrips remain in good condition, do not attempt to push or slide the device once the egrips are in contact with another surface. Over a period of time, handling the device in such a manner may cause the clear top layer to separate or the egrips to peel off the device.
    ... Go Go TREO !!! The 700wx and T755P are awesome
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    Quote Originally Posted by g.711
    Innopocket modified so it look like this.
    this is the best terrorist proof case and is more ugly than PalmOne form fit case.
    g.711 and open to anyone else with hard case,

    I am awaiting delivery of my 1st Treo (a 650 GSM/Cingular) and am curious why you modified the Innopocket? Why not just purchase the Pacific Rim Open Hardcase? I prefer a hard case over leather. I like both, but with the Innopocket I would prefer easier access to the main buttons & 5-way. I have read in TC's review that the belt clip for the Pac Rim is flimsy. How sturdy is the clip on the Innopocket? I would like to have my T650 protected before it leaves the house as I am in the assembly service industry. Also, do the hardcases prevent the use of a dash mount or car kit? I make 90% of my calls in the car and do not like to hold the unit up to my ear. Thanks for any input!
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    i use the palmone leather latch holster... i like that the case comes up with the phone and just the clip stays on the belt- previously with the 600 i had a seidio holster and the proclip holster.
    i'm ordering a vaja t65 as soon as i figure out what color to get... but i dont know which i will use more often...
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    I bought the PalmOne Treo 600 Swivel case, and modified it to fit the Treo 650 when I upgraded to the 650
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    i use the black slip case that came with my ipod and then put that in my pocket. fits perfectly. wish i could buy another but apple doesn't sell them and neither does anyone else. best solution for me. i live in NYC and would never leave my treo clipped on my belt and exposed like that as i work around the city in crowds or use a packed subway car (too tempting a target for someone to just grab).
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    Im bragging about my Nutshell case everywhere because Im thrilled to finaly have a good case.

    I have looked at 50 different cases/holsters and bought a total of 6 cases/holsters for my treo 650 and either gave away or returned every one of them.

    Here are the benefits of this case:

    1) Extremely well made, I could see this case lasting 10 years
    2) It is good looking (most cases look silly and cheap)
    3) It is easy to take the phone on/off of the hip, easier than any case I've ever used.
    4) You dont need to take the case off when sitting in a snug seat (usualy when you get in a car you set the phone where you can get to it quick and with most cases you take the case clip off your hip because its uncomfortable when it presses against you, not the Nutshell case, you forget its even there)
    5) You have zero fear of the phone coming out of the case or the case coming apart (I wouldnt jog in the park with any case but a nutshell)
    6) The case keeps the phone close to your body (so many cases stick the phone out so far because the case is so fat you look like your hidding a fax under your shirt)

    I was sceptical when I saw the cases on the nutshell website, I was worried I wouldnt like the way the case looked when I got it but I was very pleasently surprised, it was better looking than all the other cases. heres my review starting on 4-4-05
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