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    I use the PalmOne swivel case. As mentioned above, stylus use around the sides is an issue - having to press "hard" and selection of options with the stylus is tricky. I have deleted the wrong app on occasion using the stylus in the case.
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    sena black leather flip. everything is perfect about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY
    Vaja i-Volution T65
    Waiting for mine to come...
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    I'm using a flexiskin and my pocket, making sure only the Treo is in there. This has cut down dramatically on the wear and tear on the unit. My Treo is essentially mint. And. IF (knock knocK) I ever drop it, I MAY be saved from a tiny bit of shock absorbent gel. Actually, I'm guessing above 4 inches and it won't matter.

    Those of you who wear it on their hip: How can you? My personal tastes dictate that wearing a techno-gizmo on your belt is an absolute no-no. In the pager days, I wore it inside my pocket. I would laugh at people with "garage door openers" on their hip. To those that do- how do you justify it to your inner fashion sense, or do you just not care?... I'm serious, I would love to do it- but can't.
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    I'd managed to suppress that inner voice...until you had to bring it I can't put it back on my hip tomorrow.......sheesh....
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    vaja for me
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    Nutshell Pouch all the way. I purchased the Palmone form fit but after 4 wks, it became annoying. It should not be called "Form fit." The case WILL favor a side. I was being cheap and purchased this case. Who was I fooling after purchasing a Treo for $419. I recently purchased the nutshell pouch. AMAZING. Extremely snug to your body. Slides right in. Perfect Craftmenship.
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    Just got a Covertec horizontal and I wasn't sure what I would think, but I like it. Mine is in my purse more than on my hip, but this works either way. My egrips arrived today, and they are a must! It's a miracle I haven't dropped the slippery Treo so far...uh I am jinxed!!!
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    i'm using an ipod pouch. the 650 fits very snug but since i'm using keepoff i dont have an problem with it answering call when taking it out of the case..
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    Started with the Treo 600 PalmOne side case. Got the Boxwave FlexiSkin without the belt clip. The FlexiSkin couldn't fit in the side case and it couldn't go in or out of my pocket with ease (I pulled out the pocket every single time). Just got my Krusell case and love it!!! Very low profile....... Only problems are that the edges of the screen are difficult to hit (as mentioned on several threads), it's hard to hit the keys on the bottom of the keyboard (namely the spacebar), and the synching cable doesn't go in very well. I can live with all of these problems and am earnestly hoping that I don't have to buy case #4...
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    I currently have the PalmOne Treo side case and the Mobo wallet case. I'm currently using the Mobo case as I prefer its form factor over the Treo side case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mpovolo
    Do you have the screen facing out on your Krussel Case. I just got one but do not like have my screen facing outward.

    When I first got the case I was turned off by the fact the screen is facing outward. I also did not like the fact that I had to wear the case on my right side.

    I have had the case for 5 weeks now and the screen is well protected, I have bumped it several times without any damage. I became accustomed to grabing it on my right side also.


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    Silicone skin off eBay ($13 new, shipping included).
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    Quote Originally Posted by treo2die4
    Nutshell with belt loop option and e-grips on sides and top only
    that's the exact combination i had in mind and was going to start a new thread asking whether it was possible to have this combination.

    though it's nice to know someone's already done it but there's just one catch... u have just the sides of the egrips on. would the phone go in and out of the pouch if you had the back on as well?
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    Innopocket hard case with Rivet beta threaded ball and Rivet Belt clip for belt and Fabric clip for dash mount through dash protector in New Beetle
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    Just got my Vaja T65 (no clip, all black).

    It fits well and I think is better described as a "shell": It appears to be a hard plastic mold with a fine leather covering and internal cloth lining.
    I just hope the earpiece covering dosen't attenuate the already marginal earpiece volume.
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    I'm happy to reprt that I have noticed no earpiece volume attenuation nor have my callers noticedbany mic pickup attenuation with my Vaja T65. I am happy with the T65.
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    I think i'm going to order the T65 as well. I've been a "go naked" kind of person with my phones.. but the 650 is a slippery bugger and i LOVE the stuff vaja makes.

    Now.. which fricking color combination..
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    I've been using a LowePro SD card wallet as a case for the last 5 or 6 months. It sits on my belt, is well padded, and zips open. I really like it. I cut out the inside flaps and it works like a charm.
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