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    I hate to do this, since although I know the legal implications, I'm not familiar with the forum rules on this, but:

    If someone out there with a Mac and a Sprint Treo 650 is willing to send me (electronically) an image of the install CD, please send me a private message here. I can't find mine, I have a new computer, and Sprint/palmOne have made it impossible to download or otherwise obtain the version they send you on CD.

    If you have figured out a way to get it online (palmOne specifically says you need the CD), that would be equally helpful


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    I need one too!!!
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    Here is a possible solution...

    Sign up as a developer for and and download the SDK for the desktop application... it should be like what you get on the CD.

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    I was told the mac version is also included on the PalmOne install CD. I plan to check it out later tonight.

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