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    Love it, but I tried to make a couple of calls and got a very odd message: "The network is busy now, please try again later." Or something like that. (A text message on my T650, not a recording.)

    This never happened on my T600...and I'm definitely in range. I also received and made a couple of phone calls on the way home. Is this a T650 specific thing? Weird.
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    Never happened to me...and, you're the first person I've heard experience this.
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    Try a soft reset.
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    I was panicking for nothing. Soft reset worked. Thanks.
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    Are you sure it wasn't your provider? It doesn't happen very often (depending on the provider) but sometimes the cell network is busy. It happened to me during the big black out the summer before last because everyone all at once tried to make a phone call.
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    Are you saying that you tried to make a voice call and then received an SMS?
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    usually 'network is busy' is on the provider side, not phone
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