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    I held both, side by side, about 8-10 inches from my laptop screen as I laid in bed hungover this morning. On the laptop screen was long blocks of text from some thread on this forum.

    On the sprint, the text was blurry and unreadable.

    On the cingular, the text was crisp, clean, and very readable.

    I then double checked the settings on both to see if they were both correct (640xwhatever, everything else default) and they were.

    Keep in mind that I am not biased in any way, i am probably getting rid of both of the phones because i can't get over 100kbps with either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jcsickz
    side by side
    maybe joebar's been hitting the juice. I'll post pics for proof monday when I feel like it. Nah I probably won't. Treos suck.
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    Actually it's not a Congular/Sprint comparison.... it's camera to camera.

    So far the Sprint version has been found to have several different cameras and lenses. So I think it just matters on which parts you ended up getting the day yours was assembled.
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