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    is there any word on anybody who may have tossed the entire palm os in favor of a unix based os? it seems the hardware would be fast enough to support it. and it is certainly a more robust/usefull os than palm's. i am not a techno expert so if this is just a stupid question, i apologize
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    Quote Originally Posted by warmseth
    if this is just a stupid question, i apologize
    ok I guess I should apoligize now
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    It's probably theoretically possible with NetBSD, but I'm sure some uber geek or geeks would have to do a lotta fine tuning. And it'd probably take a really long time for a remotely decent GUI to come along.

    Maybe we could start offering one big pool of money, like we did for Shadowmite!!

    I've just recently become a BSD advocate -- so, GO BSD!!! PalmOne & Source are both getting pushed outta the market doors quicker than I thought. They cannot seriously believe one smartphone a year is going to last in such a dynamic market. What a seems like all those useful (and lots of free) PalmOS apps are going to need porting to another OS within a couple years.

    Peace out.
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    It requires someone to tweak the code so that it can compile for the 650's processor. A lot of tweaking I'd imagine but there's all kinds of crazy linux projects out there. When I had my iPaq I came across a project to port linux for it so it's possible someone with the skills will take up the challenge.

    Mac OSX is based on BSD.
    Oh, so they have internet on computers now!
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