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    Greetings all.

    Been following this thread for a loooong time and have bee watching the crack on my 650 for a while and looking for new ones (reminds me of the hinge crack issue on the 300...not a matter of if, but when. Remember those days).

    Anyway, my question is this:

    Now that Palm knows about this problem, what are the odds that the carriers know about it?
    I ask this rhetorical question, because the SPCS store nearest to me may not be aware of the problem and refuse to honor my request for a new 650 or try to claim it is damage caused by dropping the phone.

    Would it be best to call SPCS (or your carrier) CS # and explain the situation, or to call Palm and see what they say. My guess is Palm will bounce it back to the carrier...but I thought I'd ask.

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    I'd go with the carrier, but my suggestion is to wait a week or so and let this filter down to the CS groups. Apparently, they are trying to collect data on affected lots right now. I would assume they'll put out some sort of bulleting when they get a little more data.
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    UGH.... I also have begun to see the beginnings of a small stress crack on the lower right hand corner of the screen frame...
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    Ugh. I just noticed 2 small cracks on my Treo. They are on the base of the antenna. Right near the infra-red (?) and SD card slot. this is not including the line where the front and back covers are joined together.

    I've only had my phone for about 2 weeks. I guess I can just go back to Cingular and exchange it. I've been putting it my pocket and sometimes forget to take it out when I sit down. I guess the antenna caused some pressure. I am so used to smaller phones in my pocket that I forget to take out the Treo when I sit down.

    Has anyone else had cracks near the antenna? How does Cingular treat returns? Will I get a new one or a refurbished?

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    I just notice a small crack on the upper right side of my phone. Has anyone had any luck getting a new phone from Sprint? I have had this phone for 6 months.
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    Did Sprint or Palm replace any one's phone. I'm in a constant loop trying to get mine replaced before the cracks take over the entire right side. Tks
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    I never had any luck other than Sprint advising me to go through the insurance. I will probably do that when it's a more strategic time to unload it after I do so.

    It is a vicious cycle. Sprint should consider getting David Spade to do their commercials since the only thing they know how to say is "NO". When you call Sprint they tell you that you have to bring it to a store. At the store, the only thing they care about is problems that show up on their test equipment. If you call Palm, they advise you that you must go through Sprint.
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    Went to a different Sprint store today. Started off with the we can't address issues like that problem and that I have to contact Palm. Of course I explained that Palm just refers you back to Sprint. Sprint tells you that you have to go to a Sprint Store location and the cycle starts all over again. Seemed like it was going nowhere but then they swapped out the casing/keypad for me at N/C.

    I had mentioned the problems with Hot Sync not working too and while swapping the case, they cleaned the inside out and cleaned up the contacts. The guy said though that their technician couldn't get his cable to work either and asked if I preferred them to just swap out the phone or go home first and see if Hot Sync would work. I think you know my answer....

    I'm quite pleased. Sprint made me very happy today.
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    Happy for you. I used my insurance to get another one, refurb, hope it performs better and doesn't crack up.
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    Noticed stress cracks? Sure have. Several across the front face, and on both sides too, probably due mostly to aging.

    My Treo 650, however, is just fine.
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    ...both literal and figurative.

    i got my 650 in July (stupidly without TEP); within two weeks the first stress crack had appeared. i tried keeping it in a case, etc., but the cracks kept appearing. finally, earlier this week, the faceplate just split open--on a faultline that led from the bottom of the earhole oval down to the display--and a one-inch length of the gray plastic came totally off.

    needless to say, i took it into a local Sprint store (Brooklyn), where the manager insinuated that the cracks resulted from my treatment of the phone rather than some kind of widespread failure ("6 of us in this store have the 650, and no one's had this happen," he said). he did say that ESRP should cover it, and called over to another local store that did equipment repair. So i went over there, only to have them deny that they could repair it ("send it to Palm"), THEN say they didn't even have any faceplates in the store. over the next few days i called 5 store in nyc. finally found one that said they had a faceplate, but it would cost me $55 to make the repair. fine, i thought.

    when i went to the store in question, the hostess at the front told me they didn't have the part in stock! "but i called you an hour ago and you told me you *did* have one." "fine, sir, go over to Drop Off and they'll check." turns out they did have a part, and they ended up swapping it out for no charge.

    so finally, i have a treo without cracks. for now. too bad the stores seem to be designed to prevent such things from happening.
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    Add me to the list. Just started on the upper left side of the screen fascia. This is a replacement phone that I've had about three months. I did not see this in my first phone after about four months, but that one developed a stuck shift key.
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    what the hell are you guys doing? i have have my gsm treo since they were first available, no stress cracks yet.

    I keep my treo in my front pocket most of the time and it has never been in a case.
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    I've had my treo650 for over a year now. No cracks in it, even when dropped multple times while in an innodock aluminum case.

    Gotta wonder what you guys are doing to your phones to get cracks in the case....
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    I have had 2 that have cracked in exactly the same spot! Never been dropped carried in a case all the time, etc.

    Al London
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    This one's never been dropped and it's stress crack adds character... probably wanna leave it.

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    Add me to the list of the stress cracks. Believe it or not, Im on my 8th or 9th Treo in less than 9 months!! When I say each & everyone, I mean each & every Treo I've owned developed a stress crack in less than 4 weeks w/o dropping it! They all start with a look like a small piece of hair & then extend to the end of the face plate.

    One of the replacement phones I received came with a stress crack that was in the beginning stage!

    I've addressed Verizon with this issue several times & told them I refuse to own a phone/pda that I paid a little over $500 that has a crack that I didnt cause. I have my 9th or 10th Treo in the mail as Im typing this msg so I'll see how this 1 goes.
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    Yeah, unfortunately both of the T650's I had developed stress cracks and chips and I keep mine in a holster case 95% of the time.
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    i had had my treo 650 (unbranded gsm) since the beginning, and no cracks. I carry it around in my pocket, it has never been in a case.
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