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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe
    Oh, so they have internet on computers now!
    --Treo 650 unlocked/unbranded with Rogers
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    Nope...Looks like it got the Ferengi Death Grip!
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    My first Treo deveopled one of these after about 40 days or so. Luyckily, I got mine from Amazon who allowed returns purchased over the holiday period until January 18th or so.....

    I definately think mine developed by dropping it.... In a certain way from a very short height...

    As for it occuring overnight.... Dunno about that.....
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    Sure that isn't from slamming the Treo against your desk while talking to Sprint CS?

    (disclaimer: I've had nothing but success so far talking to Sprint support)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coyote
    if I remember, the clip on the ipod case is centered and high up. if you've been carrying it in that case, any pressure to the back of the treo would get transmitted to the earpiece, which is then pressed against the clip... crack!
    Excellent point- however on the first Treo I always had the back of the Treo against the side with the clip and the second Treo never even touched a case. I just realized that my Treo 600 lived in the same IPOD case for almost a year and never had any cracks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe
    Funniest post ever!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe
    LOL... or too many steroids.

    Other than using a screen protector, I don't baby my treo's at all. I'm pretty rough on them but I've never seen anything like what you've got there. I half suspect I could run over my phone with a car and it would fare better than your first did.
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    What happened to the original picture?
    Sooner or later it's bound to be later...
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    hmmmm....never mind that...apparently my laptop wasn't rendering properly for a min there...
    Sooner or later it's bound to be later...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiburon
    Funniest post ever!

    i had to google Münchhause to see how it was spell though.
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    how hard do you push it onto your head??

    j/k couldnt resist..hope you find the cause
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    Hmmm... Do you keep it in your backpocket?
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    Some of us may be holding our beloved treo's waaaaaaaay too tight
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    ROTFLMAO ..... that was a "disease of the week" a few years back on all the medical TV dramas. I wonder how many folks know what that is.

    Edit: after reading some more I see others do.
    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe
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    In terms of material ... i don't think that a stress crack would occur just out of no where. Stress = Force/ Area ....

    there is also thermal stress ... stress caused by temperature....

    it seems that you're applying a force to the material... Even if it there was a big enough void in the material it wouldn't just crack w/o a force
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    The molded area around the ear piece is the strongest part of the face. It's got stress cracks alright, from being OVER stressed!
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    This gives completely new meaning to the term "tin ears".

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    I just checked mine out to make sure it was ok. Pretty much baby the ole Treo. Looks like a dog had a picnic on your Treo!
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    dont squeeze that fone
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    Craig must be experiencing the same low earpiece volume problems that have the rest of us smashing the phone to the side of our hear just to hear the other end of the conversation.
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