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    I'm thinking of selling my like-new Palm One Treo 600 (Sprint). It is only 2 months old, very lightly used and in perfect condition. I have never experienced problems with this unit.

    Can someone advise how much they think I should ask for it on ebay or elsewhere and explain how I go about 'clearing it' of my current phone number so that I can take that number to my new phone? Is a hard reset sufficient?

    The unit is working perfectly, and I'm even going to throw in a 256 MB SanDisk memory card, a travel charger, and a beautiful new leather case. Obviously, I have all the elements that came with the original, including disk and manuals.

    Any help you can offer would be appreciated!

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    don't take any less than 350 on ebay.
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    Cell phones and electronics happen to my specialty in selling on eBay, so here's firsthand advice on what is going to get you the most $$$.

    Cell phones are really hot right now, and you're not going to have a problem getting more than $300. There are currently T600s with fewer accessories than you getting more than $355 with time left to bid. List it under both Cell Phone and PDA categories--it's worth the extra dollar or two.

    Honestly, I put ALL of my cell phone auctions at $1 or 1 cent, it doesn't matter because it's going to get bid up to $250, $275, $300 before you know it. If people are bidding because they think they have a shot putting a bid at $50 or $125, there's a better chance they'll come back to the auction, 1) because it's on their Watching List automatically and 2) they have a sense of "What If..." that'll bring them back to the auction and even push them to bid a few more dollars when they are outbid. Most people aren't going to watch a t600 that starts at $350 when they think they can get another one for less (but it's funny to watch people bid $50 more simply because they're in a bidding war with another member). Remember, eBay is where people go when they think they can get a deal.

    I've also had better luck with no reserve auctions. But I must confess, I always know I can call my mom to outbid if my auction isn't getting anywhere near what it needs to be getting in the last 2 or three minutes. But I've never ever had to do that once. Also, sniper bids happen so often in last few seconds of cell phones and other electronics that literally in the last minute your auction can go up by 30%. Most "smart" ebayers will watch an item and not bid till the last day, hour, minute because they know that the fewer bids an item gets, the lower the price stays.

    You also have to have a STRONG listing. Keep in mind most people on eBay when they do a search only search the Title, so have everything you possible can in the title: Sprint Palm Treo 600 Camera PDA cell Phone T600 and like new if you can fit it. Some people will only type in "camera cell phone" or "PDA phone" just to browse. They can't bid on your auction if they don't see it.

    The time that you list it is the time it's going to end, so list it when there's a lot of people on eBay. I live in Indiana, which is on Eastern time, and I like my auctions to end sometime in the afternoon, so I list at 9(or 10)pm so PST is 6, MST is 7, Cent is 8, because later in the afternoon is when more people are on.

    Also, bidders like to see 98% feedback or above. I can sell it for you for a fee of $30 if you'd like. But anyway, that's my 2 cents, hope it helps.... I would do a hard reset a couple of times and you should be good to go.
  4. #4'll find that Sprint and Cingular GSM Treo 600s on average go for less than the Verizon Treo 600s.

    My theory is that the winning bids on the Sprint and GSM units are lower because there are more available units (bigger supply) available for sale. That is probably due to the number of Sprint, Cingular, and other users upgrading to the 650. I think fewer Verizon Treo 600 owners are selling theirs now right now because the 650 is not yet available on Verizon. I'll bet the minute the 650 is available on Verizon you will see many more Verizon Treo 600s for sale on eBay.

    Plus it seems like many of those currently selling VZW T600s are selling "Verizonized" Sprint units or they are changing phones or switching to Sprint/Cingular to buy 650's.

    I've been watching these auctions like a hawk as I have been in the market for a Verizon Treo 600 myself. I ended up getting a good deal on a 600 without camera, plus my local Verizon guy sold me a new in box 600 with camera for $300 ($250 after rebate.) That should keep spouse and me happy for a while...and we will probably upgrade at least one phone to the 650 later.

    If you are worried about getting a minimum amount, consider putting a reserve on your auction.

    Just my $.02


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