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    card export....I installed it in my Treo 650 and clicked connect the little icon on my computer shows that a USB Mass Storage device showed up...however I click on My computer and it does not show then also said in the bottom right device not installed properly...anyone else having this there somesort of driver for this?
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    I had the same problem. and then it just started working. If you have XP, you don't need a driver. I did find I had to wait a bit for it to be recognized. Suggest you reboot both your PDA and your computer.
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    PLAN A: Waiting usually works magically kicks into gear even with the error appearing at first about the device not recognized

    PLAN B (WORKS!!!):

    1) Disconnect Treo
    2) Launch FileZ (great freeware utility)
    3) Go to "View Preferences" (last of the 3 options)
    4) Delete "pusb" from the list
    5) Plug in Treo and launch CardExport

    **Tested with v2.16 to work using WinXP**
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    what is pusb and what does it do?
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