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    I submitted for my $150 Sprint rebate right after I received my Treo 650 from VC and renewed my contract for 2 years...

    The rebate status however shows "Your rebate is currently invalid because we did not receive a copy of the purchase receipt. A postcard requesting the missing information will be mailed to you."

    This is even though I DID send my purchase receipt (email from VC which I printed with the amount I paid, order number, etc.)

    Has anyone done this? If so, were you successful? Have you received a Sprint check in the mail yet?
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    I got my rebate last month. I did the same as you and submitted my email invoice along with the form from sprint. I did call sprint first to make sure I had my 2 year extension on file after getting phone but before sending in rebate, which was the order I was told to follow.
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    Sprint seems to routinely deny rebate requests. I've had two legitimate ones not go through until I call up and 'straighten things out.' On this last one, they claimed I did not up my two year contract even though I ordered directly from sprint and got the rebate form with the phone etc etc. BTW, the Vienna Channels and sprint rebate offer are not officially combinable (you have to purchase directly from Sprint a Sprint store or over the phone) That doesn't mean

    1. It won't work or
    2. You got a different answer than I did.

    Keep us posted.
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    Oh yes, I was also told that the 2 year extension had to be done BEFORE the 650 was activated on Sprint
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    the Sprint rebate is not just for sprint stores or phone orders but "authorized" sellers. PalmOne is one of the authorized sellers, but VC was a grey area since it was sort of through palmone but not quite. I talked with a number of CSRs including a supervisor and they all told me that the VC purchase would work with the rebate' but others on TC reported they were told otherwise. So I was skeptical unti I got my check.

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