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    Here is yet another thread about problems experienced with the Cingular PalmOne Treo 650. That being said, I want to assure all my fellow Palm die-hards, this story does have a happy ending. Bear with me. I got the first 650 and it had a faulty shift key that work erratically. Cingular traded it out for me. I immediately regretted the swap. While I may have had to content with a shady shift key originally, that problem was nothing compared to what I got with the second phone! I was doing at least ten resets a day (no exaggerations). The 650 would freeze up when I got multiple calls and would not let me answer the call. In fact the Treo would stay frozen until the call transferred to my voicemail, then would proudly display a missed call alert. I can't tell you how many times that phone almost flew! That problem simply capped the plethora of common-place system freezes and non-user initiated resets! Before anyone posts, none of the problems were SIM card related. I have had the correct SIM from the beginning. I was really getting fed up with the Treo and was almost compelled to commit a crime against humanity: I began to consider a Pocket PC! Being a Mac and Palm man from the earliest days, you can clearly see the level of my frustration. Finally, the keyboard went totally out and Cingular replaced the whole phone for me. This third Treo has worked (crossing my fingers, knock on wood, etc...) according to PalmOne's design which does leave some to be desired (see other posts). I also did something different with this Treo. I did not simply restore my old Palm m515's profile. Instead, I reinstalled all the apps and HotSync the data manually (Mac overwrite the handheld). I do not know for sure, but I believe that the simple profile Restore could have played some role in the problems I initially experience with the second Treo. So I am not totally blaming PalmOne, although they do suggest Restoring when upgrading from another Palm model (something I will never do again). All the griping and initial problems aside, when functioning as PalmOne intended, I do consider this to be the best phone I've ever had as well as the best PDA I've ever had. I unequivocally recommend the Treo to anyone who carries both a Palm and cell phone. How light my pockets (and my wallet oddly enough) feel today! Finally, I recommend that if anyone does notices ANY problems in the first few days of using the phone, get it back to the store and replace it before it goes out of Cingular's replacement window; because I guarantee, if you don't, it will end up going out of your car window!
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    Palm has bungled the replacement of my 650. They still have it and won't say when will be replaced. Cingular is threatened a early termination fee if they don't get it back in 30 days. Very frustrating.
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    Why would you try to put your 515's profile on your Treo? My understanding is that they make it very clear that everything is different in the phone version from the handheld. Even the desktop app and sync versions are slightly different. I think that would explain a lot of your software problems.

    Here's hoping things work for you moving forward.

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