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    Has anyone had success using the ThinkOutside Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard on the Treo 650? I've installed the recently-released driver and can get the keyboard to connect, but somehow the connection is lost pretty quickly. One question I have is whether the flashing green light is supposed to be flashing so long as the device is connected.

    Many thanks in advance for your comments!
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    I have the Stowaway and find it really nice.
    That's correct the green should be on.

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    Thanks. Maybe it's a battery thing. I'll try that.
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    Question again: I've tried replacing the battery, and the keyboard/bluetooth connection still drops off after 2-10 minutes (it varies). Can't seem to figure this out, and think it must be either a driver or keyboard issues because my Sony-Ericsson HBH-660 Bluetooth headset works great with the phone. (This is an awesome headset, BTW.) Anyone else with other thoughts about this? Thanks, again, for your help!
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    I have not used the keyboard more than a few minutes at a time, but I found it was a little tough to get it to talk with the Keyboard, If I had paired the device with my GPS (perhaps the same issue with your headset). Installing Treo's Car BT patch has made the pairing transparent now -very easy.
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    Have you had any luck with BT keyboard? I am suffering same problem with my Sprint 650. Downloaded BT Car kit patch and it made no difference. I drop the connection within a minute - sometimes only after a few seconds. It has never lasted more than a minute. I really want this to work because it is an excellent idea that might permit me to leave the laptop at home. Any suggestions?
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    It worked fine but I would like to know why Treo Central is selling a keyboard designed for the pocketpc not a Palm.

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