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    When I try and select the com port that my bluetooth is on it wont alow me on my hot synce manager it just says com port 11 is uanavaliable. is it possible to install hot synce mgr twice?
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    Are you getting that error when you attempt to HS? Did you disable the "local USB" sync in the hot sync mgr?
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    yes I also get an error message when trying to set up a virtural serial port in my bluetooth places
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    says that palmone device dosent support virtural serial port
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    So there isn't a virtual COM port set up yet in your BT software?
    T750 w/Cingular
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    well it says under client app. that bluetooth com port is 10 is this not the virtual com port?
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    Yeah, where did you get 11 from?
    Did you go into your hot sync mgr in the sys tray > click on it once > select setup > select local tab > select COM10 from the serial port drop down > select "as fast as possible" from the speed drop down. Make sure that you have unchecked "local USB" and have checked "local" from the HS mgr.
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    tryed says selected com port 11 is busy and not avaliable even though i checked com 10 its strange I may just delete the software and reload and try again. I have never synced how is your battery life on cingulars system?
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    What BT adapter are you using?
    Battery life is okay. It could be better, after a days use I'm at about 45-50%. I'm trying not to have to buy a second battery but may have to.
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    I have a built in adapter in my tablet pc its a motion computing tablet let me see what it is its a WIDCOMM I should see if there is are any updates on the web for it
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    i am having the same problem with my bluetooth adapter, it belkin and when i plug it in i get the com port is not open, hot sync will open when avail as well, i dont know what to do
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    have you ever synced before with the phone
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    do you have a vaja case?
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    Not sure if it works this way...

    ignore whatever error you got..
    check and set the com port for both your bluetooth and hotsync - make sure they are identical. Then simply reboot ths machine.....

    the problem may be solved. if not, in my case, it was actually caused by VPN connection setting.. check your network connection and disable any useless one
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    There are some bugs in the BT implementation by Palm.

    Maybe you will get a fix in Nov. with the Treo 700.

    Until then, tough nuts.
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    Thanks I will try and log back on later thanks
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    Well, I'll admit that I'm not a pro in this arena but I did buy a Linksys USBBT100 and was able to get it working. I've been BT hot syncing for a few weeks now without issues.
    Hopefully someone can chime in and help solve your problems.
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    I rebooted and am now getting an error message on the 650 that the comport is busy or being used by another device. The last error message was on the computer. weird
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    Did you follow the configuration set up of the BT hot sync on "your treo 650"?
    T750 w/Cingular
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    Yes I am about to give up
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