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    I got a replacement 650 a couple of months back, and I quickly noticed that at times the touchscreen would not respond. I finally figured out that it was the case that was causing this. I have the Leather Latch case from PalmOne, and it fits pretty tightly on the treo. Took it to the Sprint store, and their tech basically said that it's a problem with the case pushing up the screen, and the same problem would be there on any replacement treo, although I quickly refuted that since a) my initial 650 did not have this problem, and b) my wife's 600 does not have this problem with the same case.

    Has anyone else even heard of this problem? Sounds to me like the tech is full of crap....
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    Sound like that to me too. The full of part.
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    There have been several occasions where my touchscreen failed to respond as well. In all cases turning the screen off and the back on fixed the problem. At one point I thought it was happening when i was touching the screen at the same time I turned it on. I never could reliabily recreate it though. If you ever figure out the cause I'd like to know.

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