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    So I am getting resets and the culprit is MMNotify. I read the threads about deleting all the files from asc4 and asc4 - the MM* set.

    I di not use Versamail (I have Goodlink) and would like to remove it to free up memory and to avoid these resets.

    1) Not sure how to do it - FIleZ? I cannot see any files for Versamail.

    2) Can I remove all MM files and all MultiMail* files? How do I stop them from coming back?
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    If you want to remove Versamail, (and you have a Sprint phone,) go here The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    You cannot remove Versamail (Multimail) from your Treo as it is in ROM unless, as mentioned above, if you are with Sprint and choose to flash your ROM with Shadowmite's version which will remove it. However, if you follow those instructions that you mentioned and delete all of the db's for MultiMail they will not come back except for the following:
    Then do not launch Versamail from your launcher and the rest of the files won't come back either. Also, if you go into "custom" from the hot Sync mgr and disable the conduits for Versamail to "do nothing" and set as default, those files won't get synced anymore.
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    You could hide it with a program called Obfuscate. I have it on my 650 and VersaMail is hidden for good.
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    Or just move it to the "unfiled" folder of your launcher.
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    Cool. I removed the files and had already set the Hotsync conduit. Here's hoping the resets go away. Custom ROM will be last resport I guess. thanks gang
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    Well, I've been having resets caused by MMNotify, hoped they'd go away with the rom update but no. I don't use Versamail or Messaging, I use Agendus Pro. So I deleted the files listed above from my Treo and from my Backup Dir. Now its just a matter of sitting around and waiting to see if the resets have stopped. They got so bad last night I had to rip the battery of my Treo to get it to stop waking me up. heh Good thing no one tried to page me.
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    Okay, no go. Couple hours went by and my Treo reset itself twice in a row. The only thing that seems to be the "same" about these reset msgs with ##377 is that something in MemoryMgr.c seems to be failing.

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