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    I have a Verizon branded phone and keep my data connection always on (gray bars) For the past several days, I have noticed the green bars on top cycling on and off approximately every 15 seconds. The problem is that the battery drains terribly during this cycle and it effectively blocks calls while green. I installed Treo Alarm several days ago but then turned all the alarms off and then moved it to my card but it still occurred. Other installed programs which have data access are Snapper and AvantGo but this even happens during periods when Snappers retrieval function is idle. If I manually turn off data access, it effectively stays off
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    Are you using the provided email program from Verizon? That's likely your problem since it supposedly pings constantly.
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    Nope. I go rid of that dog shortly after purchase. I was able to get out of this loop by doing a soft reset and it no longer cycles. I've noticed that it occurs most commonly in the early AM and am wondering if it could be Treo Alarm as I have it scheduled to download weather at 6AM.

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