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    I just upgraded from a m515 to the 650. So far it's working great other than the sync/duplicate contact issues with Outlook that have been discussed in previous threads.

    I used the 515 to sync contacts/calendar with three PC's running Outlook (office, home, laptop) with PocketMirror and it always worked quite well.

    Now with the 650, anytime I change any of the existing contacts or calendar events, it creates a duplicate the next time I sync. I understand why this happens, but would really like a better solution rather than figuring out which one is the valid entry and deleteing the bad one.

    Has anyone found anything that works better? I'm not married to Outlook, I'd dump it in a minute for something that works.


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    Might try out Key Suite at PalmGear...
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    Or via the manufacturer's website for KeySuite, I think it's pretty good.
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    KeySuite looks like an excellent product. I'm playing with the demo now. It doesn't look like it really solves the duplicates problem though.

    I'm now experimenting with Yahoo Intellisync to sync the three PC's. They claim it will also sync to Palm, but I haven't tried it yet.

    I may setup KeySuite with just one computer (probably the laptop) to sync the Treo and see how it goes.
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    You may also want to take a look at Beyond Contacts from Dataviz. It's the same idea as Key Suite, with superior Outlook field mapping than the Palm databases. But the thing that separates BC from KS is that BC will also sync certain contact fields with the Palm database (name, company, phone numbers, email addresses). This means that all programs that depend on the native Palm database will work (at least for those fields). Caller ID, for example, is a work-around on KS. With BC, your treo uses the Palm database, just like normal. Other programs that use or add things to the Palm database (like Directory Assistant) will work and be synced to BC and Outlook. I don't think KS can do that yet. Anyways, before you buy KS, take a look at BC.

    Also, I've never had any duplication problems with BC. I think the only time you should have duplication is if you change a record on both the Treo and Outlook before you have a chance to sync. If you make a change on one, but not the other, the sync should update the non-updated device with info from the updated device.

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