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    These may be only applicable to the GSM unlocked 650, but so far I seem to have uncovered three firmwware bugs (or maybe "features").

    1. Diversion indicator not showing when all calls unconditionally diverted. This to me is a major nuisance.

    2. Key lock not working when phone rings (Keys locked, screen blank. Phone rings, take 650 out of holster (which is a tight fit) and the "Alt" key is activated - a window explaining the "Alt" key overlays the call incoming window, and stops the call received tone, whatever is chosen).

    3. When roaming outside of local area and the area code changes, you may or may not have to input the new local area code to call a local number - seems to be indiscriminate, but I cannot verify this.

    Anybody find any others?

    All reported to Palm Asia Pacific. How long does it take for a firmware release to come down?
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    Found what I believe to be another firmware bug - redail if busy.

    This function operates far too fast to be operating correctly. If a number is busy, press Redail, immediately you get the busy signal again. I believe that the 650 does not disconnect the number and dial again.
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    Here's my bug: the thing reboots itself, too much!
    Unlocked GSM Treo 650 | T-Mobile
    Received: 2/10/2005
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    I'm looking for firmware newer than Cing v1.02
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    The firmware on my unlocked GSM (bought in Australia) is 01.14. I agree that the Treo does reboot (mine only rarely, sometimes during a hot synch) but so does Windoze (or crash, anyway).

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