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    Howdy folks,

    I've been lurking on the forums here since I bought my AT&T (now Cingular) Treo 600 six months or so ago. Of course, it is my first problem that brings about my first post. I've searched and haven't found any threads relating to this:

    A couple of nights ago, when I tried to check my Yahoo! Mail account (on the full web version Yahoo page), I got a totally blank page. I've been using Yahoo Mail constantly, usually several times a day, since I got my Treo, and have never had a problem. I was out of town and in a poor signal area when the problem oocured, so I didn't think much of it. Now, I'm back home and for the past two days, every time I click the Yahoo Mail link or icon, I just get a blank page. The Mobile Version Yahoo site seems to work fine, and the other web sites I use seem fine.

    I've tried clearing the Blazer cache, hotsync, soft reset, hard reset, and the problem still persists. I did not install any new software recently. The only unusual event preceding the appearance of the problem was that I had just accessed a secure website. I don't use secure sites often on my Treo, but I have used this one a few times before with no problems.

    Any ideas??? Thanks!
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    Hmmm, I was able to log into a different Yahoo Mail account from my Treo without any problems, but my main account still won't work. Both accounts work fine from my desktop computer.
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    I have been having the same issue ever since I purchased my Treo 600, six months ago. I gave up on checking my Yahoo email from my Treo. There must be4 some oincompatibility issue with the handheldbrowserand the yahoo email site.

    Onethought would be to setup a POP interface on the handheld to YUahoo. I don't know if this is available but maybe someone can lend there experience with Yahoo POP mail.

    BTW: The NEW GMAIL service allows you to check mail via POP and interestingly enoiugh it's not accesible via the Treo browser. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Good Luck !!
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    try using the trial for this program, works great
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    use the program for yahoo mail
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    You should be able to access your Yahoo email by going to and click on "sign in". Works in Blazer (that comes on the 600), WebViewer and the patched version of Webpro 3.
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    for Yahoo! Mobile also works in Blazer.
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    ^^^Those are the Yahoo Mobile site, which lacks graphics and full functionality of the Yahoo main site. I don't want to use the Moviel site, and I don't want to set up POP access. I want to be able to access the main Yahoo mail site via the web like i was doing up until three weeks ago.

    I wrote Yahoo customer care, and they replied saying the inquiry was being referred to the Mobile Services unit for further investigation.
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    Have you tried a screen refresh?
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    Sometimes going from Optimized to Wide Screen (or vice versa) helps me in similar situation.
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    Just went to the site, and I am also getting a blank screen. None of my usual tricks have worked.
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    How about Yahoo Lite website?

    I tried check yahoo mail use Xiino. It work very well but it not able to compose, reply, and forward message.

    I just check AvantGo. It won't work with web browser .
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    I used the tip from Shneor and had no problems. I am on a Treo 600 from Tmobile and I accessed that yahoo site with no problems, checked my yahoo mail and sent myself a message from the yahoo acct to my gmail account and viewed it all on my Treo. I am using the normal Blazer browser that came with my Treo. Works WONDERFULLY! Thanks for the tip!

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